What characterises KILLA Cold Mint?

Killa Cold Mint are the number one nicotine pouches on the market in the segment around 16 mg/g, by excellence these are one of the best-selling nicotine pouches we know and are sold in large numbers worldwide by Snussie.com. Everyone who is familiar with the use of nicopods knows Killa Cold Mint.

The Killa range is mainly used by the very experienced nicotine pouch and snus user who likes stronger nicopods. Don’t be fooled by the mg content of Killa, the formula of Killapods has been known for years for its very powerful kick.

Using KILLA nicotine pouches

The KILLA nicopods are very easy to use, just place the pouch between your gums and your upper lip and the active substance will start to spread. There is no need to bite or suck on the pouches, everything happens automatically.

The KILLA flavours in the assortment of killapods

Killa has a wide range of flavours, such as KILLA Apple, KILLA Pineapple, KILLA Melon, KILLA Blueberry or KILLA Watermelon. Do you want a sweet taste, but do not like fruit flavours? Then you can choose KILLA Cola or KILLA 13 with the flavour of an energy drink. Finally, there are also various flavours with a fresh mint or menthol flavour, such as KILLA Cold Mint, KILLA Spearmint, KILLA X-Cold Mint, KILLA Double Dutch Cold and the container with more content than the normal Killa Cold Mint, Killa Cold Mint XXL.

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Killa Cold Mint

The Killa Cold Mint nicotine pouches are Killa’s flagship product, and at a very early stage this great nicotine pouch became one of the major competitors to some of the big nicopod brands on the market. Killa nicotine pouches are produced by NGP Empire in Denmark. Killa has an average nicotine level, but with a heavy kick and is mainly aimed at smokers who no longer want to smoke tobacco or consume tobacco in a different way, but still want to get a feel of the effects of nicotine during tapering, in order to be able to stop faster.

Killa has a wide range of flavours: Apple, Cold Pineapple, Cold Mint, Melon, Blueberry, Watermelon, 13, Cola, Spearmint, X-Cold Mint